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Teams Administrator Associate

Unlock your potential as a Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Associate. Acquire essential skills to optimize, manage, and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams for seamless collaboration.

Teams Voice Engineer Expert

Empower your organization's communication with our Microsoft 365 Teams Voice course. Master voice capabilities, integration, and troubleshooting in Teams. Get certified as a Teams Voice Engineer Expert!

Security Administrator Associate

Master Microsoft 365 Security Administration. Learn to protect data, apps & devices, respond to threats, & pass the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate certification.

Developing SQL 2016 Databases Course

Acquire essential SQL database development skills with our comprehensive course. Design, implement, and optimize SQL databases effectively. Perfect for aspiring developers and IT professionals.

Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications

Build dynamic web applications with ASP.NET Core MVC. Gain hands-on experience, master MVC architecture, and create secure, high-performance web solutions. Ideal for aspiring web developers and software engineers.

Collaboration Communications Systems Engineer Associate

Become a certified Microsoft 365 Collaboration Communications Systems Engineer Associate. Master Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and secure cloud collaboration. Optimize productivity and enhance workplace communication.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert

Level up your Microsoft 365 skills! Our hands-on course empowers you to excel as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert. Master administration, security, and governance in just a few weeks

Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator Associate

Learn to manage Microsoft 365 messaging infrastructure in our hands-on "Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator Associate" course. Optimize, troubleshoot, and configure Exchange Online. Perfect for aspiring IT professionals.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate

Become an Azure AI Expert: Master Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate skills. Comprehensive course covering Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI solution deployment. Boost your career now!

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

Unleash the potential of Microsoft Azure AI! Learn AI fundamentals, integrate Azure services, and build intelligent applications in this hands-on course for developers and data scientists.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Master Microsoft Azure cloud administration with our comprehensive course. Learn core services, virtual machines, networking, security, and prepare for Azure Administrator Associate certification. Optimize your cloud expertise now

Azure Data Fundamentals

Discover the core of Azure Data Fundamentals. From storage to processing, unleash your data prowess on Microsoft Azure. Ideal for data professionals seeking cloud expertise.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate

Level up your Azure security skills with our comprehensive Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate course. Protect resources, detect threats, and achieve Azure security excellence

Microsoft Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate

Master Azure data analytics. In-depth course covering Azure services, data ingestion, transformation, storage, Synapse Analytics, and Power BI. Achieve certification. Boost your data career.

DevOps Engineer Expert

Master DevOps practices with our Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert course. Learn CI/CD, Azure DevOps, containers, monitoring, testing, and security in Microsoft Azure.